17 June 2012

Dah lme x update blog nie....ehhehe..maklum ler bz sgt dgn dunia nie...hahaha...byk benda nk luah kn tp x terluah...huhuhuhu..dye kena time2 yg sesuai bru leh nk story morry...kuikkuikui.. =) Ok..nk citer sket jer la nie...kite skrg tgh wat practical kt kedai computer..dekat jer ngan umah kite....senang nk g nk blek kn....erm...kites skrg tgh dilema sbb kite ade msalah hati dan perasaan skrg..huhuu..nanty kte morry erk... DAAAAAAAAAA.....~~~

07 January 2012

My Infinite...^^

Today i want to talk about the one of my favourite boy group...this is INFINITE....they has 7 members..lets we see their members..^^
1. Sungkyu (Leader, Main Vocal)

2. Woohyun ( Main Vocal)

3. Hoya ( Vocal, Rapper, Dancer)

4. L ( Vocal, Face of Infinite)

5. Dongwoo ( Rapper)

6. Sungyeol ( Vocal)

7. Sungjong ( Vocal, Magnae)

Infinite is a boyband created by Tablo and Mithra from Epik High. Therefore they are under the same management - Woolim Entertainment. Before their debut, they had a show called "You're My Oppa". Their first album "First Invasion" was released on June 9th 2010 with the title song Come Back Again.