17 June 2012

Dah lme x update blog nie....ehhehe..maklum ler bz sgt dgn dunia nie...hahaha...byk benda nk luah kn tp x terluah...huhuhuhu..dye kena time2 yg sesuai bru leh nk story morry...kuikkuikui.. =) Ok..nk citer sket jer la nie...kite skrg tgh wat practical kt kedai computer..dekat jer ngan umah kite....senang nk g nk blek kn....erm...kites skrg tgh dilema sbb kite ade msalah hati dan perasaan skrg..huhuu..nanty kte morry erk... DAAAAAAAAAA.....~~~

07 January 2012

My Infinite...^^

Today i want to talk about the one of my favourite boy group...this is INFINITE....they has 7 members..lets we see their members..^^
1. Sungkyu (Leader, Main Vocal)

2. Woohyun ( Main Vocal)

3. Hoya ( Vocal, Rapper, Dancer)

4. L ( Vocal, Face of Infinite)

5. Dongwoo ( Rapper)

6. Sungyeol ( Vocal)

7. Sungjong ( Vocal, Magnae)

Infinite is a boyband created by Tablo and Mithra from Epik High. Therefore they are under the same management - Woolim Entertainment. Before their debut, they had a show called "You're My Oppa". Their first album "First Invasion" was released on June 9th 2010 with the title song Come Back Again.

23 October 2011

The Girls Is Back....^^

check this out....^^...SNSD Always Daebak....!!

The Boys Photo...

07 October 2011

Lonely Lyrics...English Translation^^^

I know that you're gonna hate me
For saying this words right now
But i ain't got no choice, i just have to let it out

Cause you see lately something's changed my mind
Since the fire within me has died
I'm a stranger to myself 
Don't wanna feel this way-eh-ehy
You're so sweet so lovely

But even so i let go
I don't know I don't know
What's taking over me?
Your loving arms reach out for me
But even so i let go
I don't know
I gotta find my way home

Baby I'm sorry even though you're here i'm lonely
I'm so selfish, I ain't worthy of your heart
Wait here and watch me walk away
I'm sorry, here's the ending to our story
When we're close I still feel like we're worlds apart
I can't stay cause with you
baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely
baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely
baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely
baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely
eh eh

You didn't create this problem
All of this is my own fault
I can swear to God that I've been ready to break up
From the start
When you hold me I feel so out of place
I feel trapped I wanna run away
How come when I'm met by love it makes me
weak and empty?

You're so sweet so lovely
But even so i let go
I don't know I don't know
What's taking over me?
Your loving arms reach out for me
But even so i let go
I don't know

I gotta find my way home
Baby I'm sorry even though you're here i'm lonely
I'm so selfish, I ain't worthy of your heart
Wait here and watch me walk away
I'm sorry, here's the ending to our story
When we're close I still feel like we're worlds apart
I can't stay cause with you
Baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely
baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely
baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely
baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely

Cuz I'm just another girl
Who's tired of being lonely
I can't take it anymore, goodbye
Cuz I'm just another girl
Who's tired of it all
I just cannot stay cause with you baby I'm so lonely
lonely lonely lonely lonely
Baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely
baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely
baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely
baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely
eh eh . .

03 October 2011

Why I Love Girls Generation..^^^

today i want to talk about K-Pop....we all knows that K-pop wave has been captured around the world...^^^ talk about hallyu star from Korea all the fans will be shout very loudly....heehehhe... :)
tidak dinafikan K-POP wave ini telah menyebabkan ramai golongan muda terpengaruh oleh nya..termasuk la dengan sy...hhohoho^^
tapi bukan itu yg I nk ceritakn today...i nk cerita tentang satu girl group yg telah membuatkn girlfriend2 kpd boyfriend2..diluar sana anti terhdap group ini...sape lgi klau tidak bukan GIrls generation or dlam bhsa Korea nya dipanggil 
Girls Generation ini dikenali rmai setelah debut pada  August 5th, 2007 (on SBS Inkigayo)..
The members are...^^

Taeyeon ( Leader)

Jessica ( Main Vocalist)

Tiffany ( Vocalist, Dancer)

Sunny ( Vocalist, Dancer)

Yoona ( Vocalist, Lead Dancer)

Hyoyeon ( Vocalist, Lead Dancer)

   Yuri  ( Supporting Vocalist, Main Dancer)

Seohyun ( Lead Vocalist, Dancer)

Sooyoung ( Vocalist, Lead Dancer)

ahahha...itu die la member SNSD nie....mereka bukan sje cantik malah berbakat, sebab itu la mereka digelar nation girls group di Korea...^^^ wow...mcm best jer...leh x...jadi member ke -10..kekekekkek...^-^...
setiap kali mereka kuarkan album..pasti akan..boom!!!!...wahh..klass gitu...ape2 sje lgu mereka terbitkan akn mndapat smbutan yg sgt hangat mcm goreng pisang Pak Abas...hohooooho...antara lagu2 mereka yang meletopp... ialah Gee, Tell Me Ur Wish, Oh, Run Devil Run,dan byk lg larh...
Hurmm....why sy minat group nie...kerana mereka mempunyai bentuk badan yang cantik dan juga KAKI yang cantik...hahahha...itu yg I tengok dlu..kuikukui...^^^

cube larh tgk klau x caye...btol kan ape yg sy ckp..body lawa...kaki panjang..isshhh teringin nye nk body n kaki cm mereka...hhoooh..^^^^

neomu neomu yeppo.....geol...kenapa mereka nie sume cantek2...adakah disebabkan plastic surgery..hahaha....xtaw2....pkir la sndiri...^^

thats all...jela..i nk citer psl SNSD nie..nnt len kali sy citer psal artis laen plak yer..kali akan dtg...laki2..plak ek..hurm...korang mesti suka kn3....ade Kikwang(Beast), Shinee, Super JUNior..and byk2..lg..ok...sekian la...untuk hari ini...kte jmpe di laen hri yer...ok..anyeongg..^^^

We Are....????? ^^^^^ pikir sendiri... :)

ahahhha..kenangan....first time duk kat permai....amcam best x..?? hehehe...boleh la....hahahah......kami bersama2...pegi klas..dgn bus....first time merasai pengalaman kejar mengejart...bus..hahaha....and then rebut2 tempat duduk..haahhahhaha......mcm best jer...kukuikuikui.... ^^

hahhaa...ini...pose cam Doojoon Beast...hihihihi...kelakor pown ade...tp tetap cumil...hakhakhakhakk....

hari sekian..tema HIJAU....sume pkai kaler hijau...cme ade sket terkurang disitu..ooo...hah...yana nie hah...nk kate ijau x..nk kata biru pon..x...habis kaler ape yg dipakai oleh Yana tu...ishhh....^^^^
sebenarnye...xde point pown psot nie...hahahha...sje je...nk bercerita pgi2...nie...wahhh....dh kul 2.3o dh..ayooo....nk sleep la.....gegeggegegege...k anyeong..^^^

01 October 2011

Korean Stars’ Diet Plan.....^^^

Korean Stars’ Diet Plan

I found that Korean stars has a good body...i have something to share for those who want body like them....please check out below...^^
SNSD’s Yuri’s perfect abs, her diet consists of 50g of seasonal vegetables, 150g of brown rice, five heads of broccoli, and 100g of chicken breast. As for her special exercises, Yuri simply did around 600 situps per day.

f(x)’s Krystal “11abs” story revealed that  “During my young trainee days, I went to jazz dance class and did a lot of sit ups so I have more muscle than fat.

Misconceptions about 2NE1’s Park Bom famous watermelon diet were recently cleared up. Master Hwang had taken Park Bom’s western diet habits from her international student years into consideration and transformed her diet so that she can have a healthier lifestyle. Bom’s diet plan strictly regulates her eating habits and it consists of 5 total meals (including 2 snacks) a day.
SECRET , The girl group’s 3-part diet method involves a breakfast diet, dancing, and exercise. Through this breakfast meal plan, the SECRET members have been successful in losing 3~4 kg (approximately 6 to 8 pounds). However, their breakfast meal consists of only a total of 565 calories, leading some viewers to worry about their health.
After School’s UEE has become a hot topic after she revealed her diet. She stated, “Usually, I pack my own lunch” and pulled out a drink made from grains. She explained,“This drink contains black beans, wheat, brown rice, soy milk, and honey, so it can be used as one meal.”
Additionally, she also showed the cameras the lunch that she packed for herself. The lunch contained brown rice, tofu with dried bonito, and a chicken breast salad. It was revealed that the half bowl of brown rice was 150kcals, the whole grain drink was 110kcal, and the chicken salad was 205kcals. Altogether, the meal did not exceed 1,oookcals.
T-ara’s Hyomin tweeted two pictures with the caption, “Raising patience, the most difficult thing in the world. Today, there was the temptation of pizza again. Also have to endure for the summer clothes. Ack… I’ve reached my limit!
Talented singer Seo In Young revealed her method for losing 6kg in two months.
Navi’s special diet meal. Navi gained weight and had skin trouble when she was working on both a musical and an album, all while attending school.  The chef recommended that she eat a Thai salad that carries ingredients good for your overall diet and skin. The salad contains grapefruit, cherry tomatoes, octopus, shrimp, and lots of greens. Grapefruits lowers cholesterol and helps fight against aging skin. Cherry tomatoes can break down fat, while shrimp has protein and greens are filling; everything within the salad ensures that the meal is full of nutrients.
Singer/actress IU revealed the secret diet plan behind her character’s weight loss in KBS’s “Dream High” . The special ‘diet menu’ consists of salad, a boiled egg, boiled sweet potatoes, and eight baby tomatoes, all amounting to exactly 346 calories.


Hello...guys..i want to share about the one of e-commerce..in MIS we study about the e-commerce right...and here
By now, I am sure you would know that I am into all things Korean. Must be all the dramas I watch. And I know that the reason I continue to torture myself with all the tears is because of the Korean language, scenery, fashion and all cute Korean things, especially the guys and girlz...!!  :)  I was checking online to see if I could buy Korean clothes in Malaysia and a blogger friend told me about  http://glitter-n-glamour.blogspot.com.
i Found this blog..when i search about Korean fashion....i looksn-nice..hehhe...for those who like it...u can search at here...  http://glitter-n-glamour.blogspot.com

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beautiful right....hehehhe...interested...u can buy it...urself..hehhehe...anyeongg..^^^^

How to be a Good Friend...^^

Qualities of Good Friends

Haven’t we heard the famous saying a friend in need is a friend indeed? But Friendship has much more to it. Friendship is an integral part of human existence. Though true friendships can start instantly it takes time to build and develop. If you are wondering why you don't seem to have any good friends, you should probably have a look at the below given qualities. Good friends often come with a multitude of qualities. Given are 12 Characteristics of a Good Friend.
1. Accepts you as you are: A good friend is someone who does not try to be somebody that he is not and accepts you as you are. They are also patient with you when you make mistakes and forgive you when you hurt them.  
2. Dependable: A good friend is dependable and you can trust your friend with your secrets and know that he would not let a third person know about it. He sticks with you in good times and bad. When you ask for advice, a good friend points out the right direction.
3. Honest: A good friend would be honest and loyal with you. He does not break the promises that he made to you. He makes you feel safe and secure with him. He is your true critic. You will find many who falsely appreciate you and your work to remain in good books. A good friend will tell you the truth even if it's something you don't want to hear. He will point out your mistakes in private and not in front of others and also help overcome it. 
4. Listen to you: A good friend always listens to you and cares about your needs and emotions. A good friend would be there always when you need to talk. When you have news to share or grievances he gives you full attention.
5. Be there for you: A good friend would be there with you through thick and thin. Good friends don’t call up people only to request a favor. But he would be the first person to come to your aid in time of crisis. He also does not allow you to indulge in any addiction or illicit activities.  
6. Give you Space: A good friend respects your privacy. He understands that you have family, other friends and colleagues who are part of your life too and do not cling to you always. He builds trust and confidence which makes you comfortable enough to share your good and bad times with him. 
7. Always in touch: Good friends don’t wait for you to call you. He always makes an effort to keep in touch with you even if it is through a quick phone call or an email. He knows what's going on in your life and is interested about it. A good friend also does not avoid even if they are busy and do not ignore your phone call or mails. A good friend makes it clear that they care about you. 
8. Do not bad mouth you: A good friend does not bad mouth you or talk behind your back. A good friend is a friend you can trust and won't gossip about you or try to damage your reputation. They will let you know when they're concerned and do their best to stick up for you when you're in trouble. A good friend will also apologizes when he does something wrong. He does not keep grudges.  
9. Happy for you: A good friend never gets jealous on your success but would be happy for you. He celebrates your success and his success with you. When you are down and needs support he would be there to support and care about you. An ideal friend has a sensitive side which would make them understand others feelings. They may not be able to read your mind, but chances are they can usually tell when you're happy, sad, excited, shocked or upset. A good friend will likely know how to lift your spirits and make your day.
10. Supportive: A good friend is supportive of you and your goals. He will know what makes you tick and help you become the person you want to be. They won't try to change who you are or drag you into situations that make you uncomfortable. When you are in a situation where you need to be defended he would be right there beside you. 
11. Common Interests: A good friend is someone with whom you have something in common. He is fun to be with and he understands you and respects you. 
12. Giving: Good friends give more than what is asked. When they see a need they respond before the other has a chance to ask without expecting anything in return and without anyone knowing about it. Good friends are generous with their time, money, possessions and knowledge. Best of all they have a generous spirit.
There is a saying that what you give is what you get back. The qualities you want in a friend should be the same that you are offering to someone else. How else can you expect to have good friends if you aren’t one yourself? 

Top 10 Interview Tips...^^

Great interviews arise from careful groundwork. You can ace your next interview if you:
  1. Enter into a state of relaxed concentration. This is the state from which great basketball players or Olympic skaters operate. You'll need to quiet the negative self chatter in your head through meditation or visualization prior to sitting down in the meeting. You'll focus on the present moment and will be less apt to experience lapses in concentration, nervousness, self-doubt and self-condemnation. 
  2. Act spontaneous, but be well prepared. Be your authentic self, professional yet real. Engage in true conversation with your interviewer, resting on the preparation you did prior to coming to the meeting. Conduct several trial runs with another person simulating the interview before it actually occurs. It's the same as anticipating the questions you'll be asked on a final exam. 
  3. Set goals for the interview. It is your job to leave the meeting feeling secure that the interviewer knows as much as he or she possibly can about your skills, abilities, experience and achievements. If you sense there are misconceptions, clear them up before leaving. If the interviewer doesn't get around to asking you important questions, pose them yourself (diplomatically) and answer them. Don't leave the meeting without getting your own questions answered so that you have a clear idea of what you would be getting yourself into. If possible, try to get further interviews, especially with other key players. 
  4. Know the question behind the question. Ultimately, every question boils down to, "Why should we hire you?" Be sure you answer that completely. If there is a question about your meeting deadlines, consider whether the interviewer is probing delicately about your personal life, careful not to ask you whether your family responsibilities will interfere with your work. Find away to address fears if you sense they are present. 
  5. Follow up with an effective "thank you" letter. Don't write this letter lightly. It is another opportunity to market yourself. Find some areas discussed in the meeting and expand upon them in your letter. Writing a letter after a meeting is a very minimum. Standing out among the other candidates will occur if you thoughtfully consider this follow up letter as an additional interview in which you get to do all the talking. Propose useful ideas that demonstrate your added value to the team. 
  6. Consider the interviewer's agenda. Much is on the shoulders of the interviewer. He or she has the responsibility of hiring the right candidate. Your ability to do the job will need to be justified. "Are there additional pluses here?" "Will this person fit the culture of this organization?" These as well as other questions will be heavily on the interviewer's mind. Find ways to demonstrate your qualities above and beyond just doing the job. 
  7. Expect to answer the question, "Tell me about yourself." This is a pet question of prepared and even unprepared interviewers. Everything you include should answer the question, "Why should we hire you?" Carefully prepare your answer to include examples of achievements from your work life that closely match the elements of the job before you. Obviously, you'll want to know as much about the job description as you can before you respond to the question. 
  8. Watch those nonverbal clues. Experts estimate that words express only 30% to 35% of what people actually communicate; facial expressions and body movements and actions convey the rest. Make and keep eye contact. Walk and sit with a confident air. Lean toward an interviewer to show interest and enthusiasm. Speak with a well-modulated voice that supports appropriate excitement for the opportunity before you. 
  9. Be smart about money questions. Don't fall into the trap of telling the interviewer your financial expectations. You may be asking for too little or too much money and in each case ruin your chances of being offered the job. Instead, ask what salary range the job falls in. Attempt to postpone a money discussion until you have a better understanding of the scope of responsibilities of the job. 
  10. Don't hang out your dirty laundry. Be careful not to bare your soul and tell tales that are inappropriate or beyond the scope of the interview. State your previous experience in the most positive terms. Even if you disagreed with a former employer, express your enthusiasm for earlier situations as much as you can. Whenever you speak negatively about another person or situation in which you were directly involved, you run the risk (early in the relationship) of appearing like a troubled person who may have difficulty working with others. 

29 September 2011

What Is SuperComputer...???

A supercomputer is a computer at the frontline of current processing capacity, particularly speed of calculation.
Supercomputers are used for highly calculation-intensive tasks such as problems including quantum physics, weather forecasting, climate research, molecular modeling (computing the structures and properties of chemical compounds, biological macromolecules, polymers, and crystals), and physical simulations (such as simulation of airplanes in wind tunnels, simulation of the detonation of nuclear weapons, and research into nuclear fusion).

Today, supercomputers are typically one-of-a-kind custom designs produced by traditional companies such as Cray, IBM and Hewlett-Packard, who had purchased many of the 1980s companies to gain their experience. Currently, Japan's K computer, built by Fujitsu in Kobe, Japan is the fastest in the world.[2] It is three times faster than previous one to hold that title, the Tianhe-1A supercomputer located in China.
The term supercomputer itself is rather fluid, and the speed of earlier "supercomputers" tends to become typical of future ordinary computers. CDC's early machines were simply very fast scalar processors, some ten times the speed of the fastest machines offered by other companies. In the 1970s most supercomputers were dedicated to running a vector processor, and many of the newer players developed their own such processors at a lower price to enter the market. The early and mid-1980s saw machines with a modest number of vector processors working in parallel to become the standard. Typical numbers of processors were in the range of four to sixteen. In the later 1980s and 1990s, attention turned from vector processors to massive parallel processing systems with thousands of "ordinary" CPUs, some being off the shelf units and others being custom designs. Today, parallel designs are based on "off the shelf" server-class microprocessors, such as the PowerPC, Opteron, or Xeon, and coprocessors like NVIDIA Tesla GPGPUs, AMD GPUs, IBM Cell, FPGAs. Most[which?] modern supercomputers are now highly-tuned computer clusters using commodity processors combined with custom interconnects.
Relevant here is the distinction between capability computing and capacity computing, as defined by Graham et al. Capability computing is typically thought of as using the maximum computing power to solve a large problem in the shortest amount of time. Often a capability system is able to solve a problem of a size or complexity that no other computer can. Capacity computing in contrast is typically thought of as using efficient cost-effective computing power to solve somewhat large problems or many small problems or to prepare for a run on a capability system.

this is Super computer...~~~